The value of branding

Everywhere we look we are bombarded by a multitude of different brands, all vying for our attention. Whether a Product brand; Service brand; Global brand; Named Business brand or Own Label brand.

There is a very good reason these brands have been developed, are forever evolving and constantly in view – ROI. But what makes one person buy from one brand above another?

Very simply put – emotion.

A successful brand is a promise. To always deliver in line with values and ethics set out and adhered to.

For example;

Apple – simplicity and usability

Nike – winning, performance

McDonalds – customer experience, favorite place and way to eat and drink

So, a successful brand will:-

  • Add significant value – you do this by communicating how the quality of the product or service is far superior than that of the competition. You achieve this my demonstrating what is unique about your offering.

    For example, the Apple Watch is perceived to be the very best in innovative technology. Even though there are other brands producing similar products. Take Samsung for instance, but which of the two you choose leads us on to brand loyalty…

  • Brand loyalty – you may have this argument with friends or colleagues, one swearing blind that Apple products are the very best you will find, and this consumer will always buy the Apple brand, no matter what. Whereas an avid Samsung fan will very rarely deviate from their chosen, proven user experience, either.

    There’s room in the market place for both brands, vehemently vying for your loyalty.
    Each brand will know their consumer choices and actively market to those aspirations and emotions…

  • Combine Added Value and Brand Loyalty – the brand is now in a highly lucrative position, as consumers have bought into an idea, a feeling, an ethos.

    Take Nike and Adidas – both offering sporting / fitness goods.
    The Adidas ethos is Positive, Brave, Undefeated and Confident.
    Whereas Nike promotes Inspiration and Innovation – if you have a body, you’re an athlete!

    This becomes an emotive selling point, again linked to how each message reaches out and resonates with an individual, after all, we are all different and unique too.

    Through the perceived recognition of quality and trust, the brand can set it’s own price point, knowing their consumers are willing to pay for that idea and the feeling it gives them, which brings us back to ROI.

Whether a large business or a sole trader, be clear and true to your values.
As a product/service brand or a personal brand, the same instances apply.

Make your big idea your clients / consumers aspiration.